Lush Luv


What: Translucent Powder

Review: I am not really into face powders, or face makeup at all really. Usually if I use anything it would be a concealer or tinted moisturizer but I don’t like to put things on my face to keep from clogging pores and that sort of thing. Just eyes and maybe some lips for my daily routine. So I was skeptical about this powder, having used other translucent powders and primers and finding that they felt heavy and/or irritated my skin. With this powder it doesn’t feel like there is anything on! It is very light and will help your skin to look more even (skin tone), brighter and less flawed. It is translucent so it works for all skin tones and types. If you want full coverage of course I would definitely recommend that you use a foundation/face powder/tinted moisturiser because it is a translucent powder and can only do so much on it’s own. But what it does really works, I get compliments on my skin when I wear it. You can wear it everyday by itself, or over face makeup, or just sometimes it is up to you. For me I find that it is the best translucent powder or primer that I have ever used!

Extra Bits: From UK website- “It can also work to smooth onto your upper eyelid to prevent eyeliner from smudging.”